Wonderball Heroes Game

Puzzle Games | Update: 2017/04/11


Download Wonderball Heroes Game Free

Join the Wonderball Heroes on their bouncy journey and help the White Rabbit! 

Wonderball heroes - shoot the balls out of the cannon at the top of the screen. Destroy the poles, balls and other objects on the screen. Help the White Rabbit get to Wonderland in time.

To do that you need to complete all the levels of this Android game. Shoot your gun to destroy red poles. Destroy blue ones to get various bonuses. The number of your shots is limited. Try to do combos and special shoot, so that in the end the ball drops into the bucket. Then you will get extra ball for the cannon.

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Main features of Wonderball Heroes Game:

• Each ball you get in the bucket rewards you with an extra move

• Blue pegs unleash special power ups

• Special combo-shots reward you with bonus points and free balls

• Use boosters and special power ups to help you through challenging levels

• Easy to play, challenging to master

• Compete with your friends and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Become a Wonderball Hero yourself by bouncing through levels as you unlock exciting new worlds and compete with friends.

Wonderball Heroes Game