Untouchable - Eminem Ringtone

Untouchable – Eminem Ringtone

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Artist: Eminem
Album: Revival
Released: 2017
Category: Hip Hop / Rap Music

Untouchable is the fourth track from his ninth solo studio album Revival. The song was produced by Mr. Porter, Emile Haynie, Mark Batson and Eminem himself. An audio video was uploaded to Eminem's Vevo channel on December 8, 2017. On February 15, 2018, a lyric video was uploaded to his Vevo channel.

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Untouchable - Eminem Ringtone

Untouchable - Eminem Ringtone Lyrics:

Black boy, black boy, we ain't gonna lie to you
Black boy, black boy, we don't like the sight of you
Pull up on the side of you
Window rolled down, 'profile'
Then we wonder why we see this side of you
Probably comin' from the dope house
We could let you slide but your tail light is blew, out
We know you're hidin' that Heidi Klum
On you another drug charge, homie, it's back inside for you
And just in case a chase might ensue, we got that tried and true
Pistol drew right at you, we'd be delighted to unload it
In your back, then walk up and lay that taser on the side of you
Fucked up, but what the fuck am I to do?
I keep tellin' myself, keep doin' like you're doin'
No matter how many lives you ruin
It's for the red, white and blue
Time to go find a new one and split his head right in two
No one's ever indicted you
Why? 'Cause you're a...

White boy, white boy, you're a rockstar
My momma talkin' to me, tryna tell me how to live
White boy, white boy, in your cop car
But I don't listen to her, 'cause my head is like a sieve
White boy, white boy, you're untouchable
The world's coming to an end, I don't even care
Nobody can tell me shit 'cause I'm a big rockstar

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