Tyrant Unleashed Game

Strategy Games | Update: 2017/05/12


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Tyrant Unleashed is a free strategy game for the Android which lets you collect powerful cards to battle other players online.

Go into adventures on 5 campaign maps, then fight against the evil Typhon Vex. The is a fast paced, easy to play, card collecting game that lets you choose from 5 different factions to start with and build the deck you can bring to battle with.

You can upgrade your cards to make it more powerful and fuse together some cards to create an epic card for you.

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Features Tyrant Unleashed Game:

- Explore 5 Campaign Maps with hundreds of individual Missions!

- Discover 5 unique Factions and unlock thousands of different deck combinations!

- Join hundreds of thousands of other players worldwide!

- Become powerful; collect, upgrade, and combine cards to battle for glory!

- Participate in Events and win valuable rewards!

- Race to the top of the leaderboard as you compete head-to-head online!

Download free Tyrant Unleashed Game  and play at site :

Tyrant Unleashed Game