Trouble Board Game

Board Games | Update: 2017/06/27


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Trouble Board is one of the best board games on New version comes with new board styles and compatible with all screen sizes!

Pick your names, your colors, and play! You can play in two, three or four players mode. Each player have four pawns, and the winner is who first move his pawns to the safe spots!

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How to play Trouble Board Game:

– Pawns can eat other players pawns.

 – Pawns are moving clockwise, and after you circle the whole board, you move into your safe house.

 – Each player have four pawns.

 – The goal is to be first who reach the safe spots with his pawns.

 – If your pawn is eaten, it moves to the start.

 – If you have no pawns in play, you can throw dice three times in a row.

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Trouble Board Game