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Board Games | Update: 2017/07/25


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Gin Rummy Pro is a gin rummy card game in which you can play the game a variety of ways and speeds. The variable AI can be a real challenge, and your cards are presented before you in such a way that you can easily see what you've got (something that can be a challenge on a computer screen where you can't manually rearrange your cards).

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Features Gin Rummy Pro Game:

 – When it’s your turn you need to draw a tile from where the arrow shows you or draw the tile that the previous player placed on the table.

 – The game starts with 106 tiles. Every player has to form valid tile formations.

 – At the end of your turn you need to place a tile on the table for the next player.

 – The game ends when you have all tiles on your board in formations and only one tile alone

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Rummy PRO Game