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The Moron Test is one of the most popular mobile games ever with millions of players worldwide. A cool logic game with the tasks that seems to be simple for the first sight; but which you can easily fail because of casuistry or a time limit. It will suit taste of dynamic puzzles lovers.

Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap, twist, and shake your way through these fun and tricky challenges! Master the game, then laugh as your friends and family struggle with these seemingly simple puzzles!

The main quality the player has to possess is an ability to closely monitor everything that is written or drawn, and respond to any changes on the game screen as quickly as you can. There are funny characters, wonderful effects and music, five parts and hundreds of merry tasks in the game.

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Features of The Moron Test Game:

- Simple, addicting gameplay

- Funny characters, sound effects, and music

- Six sections featuring hundreds of fun puzzles

- Global leaderboards and achievements

- You will LOVE watching your friends FAIL!

- Beautiful graphics

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The Moron Test Game