Honest – The Chainsmokers

Honest – The Chainsmokers Ringtone

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“Honest” follows a famous person’s internal conflict between hooking up with a girl they just met — who is interested in them for superficial reasons — and waiting until they get back to the person they love. 

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The Chainsmokers said: "“Honest” is the oldest song on the album. Outing ourselves as one of our mentors advises. It’s a story about a balance between conscience, loneliness, and temptation told through the eyes of one of us after a night out on the road. Drew is talking to himself about what he wants to say to his girlfriend at the end of night when he knows she’s expecting to hear from him."

Honest – The Chainsmokers

Ringtone Honest – The Chainsmokers:

And I'm not gonna tell you that I'm over it
'Cause I think about it every night I'm not sober, and
I know I keep these feelings to myself
Like I don't need nobody else
But you're not the only one on my mind

If I'm being honest
If I'm being honest
You said I should be honest
So I'm being honest

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