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Racing Games | Update: 2016/09/29


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Highway Rider is a racing games free where you have to race your motorcycle at full speed down a busy highway. Riding a motorcycle, you will be able to test mad speed and adrenaline. You'll have to swerve to avoid trucks, police cars, buses, and all kinds of other vehicles.

Choose a motorcycle, equipment and ride! Race will happen on usual roads, with cars and cool turns. For the fast driving, dangerous driving and other violations, you will get points. The game comes to the end when you face any car. At this moment you will see, how many bones you broke and how much your treatment will cost. Management is constructed on a G-sensor. Your racer can be customized completely how you like.

The gameplay in Highway Rider is very simple: your motorcycle always moves forward in a straight line and you have to tilt your device to one side or the other to avoid crashing into the other vehicles. If you pass the cars closely, you get extra points.

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Features Highway Rider Game:

- Use Boosts to go Very Fast!

- 4 Different highways

- Complete In-Game Challenges

- Share Replays of your Crashes

- Evade the Police in Fugitive mode!

- Customize Your Motorcycles and Outfits in the Shop

- 10 Characters with various Motorcycles to Collect

- Online Head-to-head Racing

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Highway Rider Game