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Shooting Games | Update: 2017/05/20


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Heroes of 71 : Retaliation is a free game app for mobile. It this game, you can play as three different rebels who are trying to fend off Pakistani attacks.

This version of the game is the sequel to the first and it offers you several new challenging missions for you to complete. The game sports great 3D graphics and sounds, easy enough controls, and immersive storyline.

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The game has only one map: a military base you have to defend from the endless Pakistani attacks. You can control three different rebels, each of them located at a different part of the base and armed with a different weapon. At ground level, there's a character armed with a machine-gun, while on top of a turret, you can find a character armed with a rifle.

Download free games the Heroes of 71 : Retaliation and promote the culture and history of Bangladesh.

Heroes of 71 Game