Gunner Battle City Game

Action Games | Update: 2017/03/30


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Gunner Battle City is a free game app for the Android which lets you ride a tank among others and lay siege upon the city that was captured by terrorists.

Your duty will be to perform a secret operation and destroy their stronghold.

Gunners battle city - kill a variety of bandits, terrorists, and other enemies filling the city. Use powerful weapons. Take part in intense street battles against superior forces.

In addition to enemy soldiers, you'll fight armored personnel carriers, helicopters, and tanks. Use rocket launcher to fight helicopters and armored vehicles. Drive your own tank. Get more powerful weapons by spending money you earn during combat missions.

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Main features of Gunner Battle City Game:

 - Unlimited challenging battle missions

 - Best sound effects

 - Real Crime city 3d environment

 - Drive the battle tank

 - Superior Gunner gun

 - Cool animations

 - Use the RPG to shot down battle helicopters

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Gunner Battle City Game