Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game

Adventure Games | Update: 2017/07/20


Download Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game Free

Imagine yourself being ghostbuster in fighting the evil creatures in Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game.

A mysterious playwright has cast a spell on a mysterious town populated by kind-hearted and friendly ghosts. The villain is forcing the unhappy ghosts to play roles unusual to them in his mystical production. Help them throw off their terrible masks and return peace to the town!

You'll have to complete a great deal of challenges, solve a lot of puzzles and lift the veil on the mystery surrounding the town. Only then can good finally triumph over evil.

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Features Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game:

- Over 20 fear haunted houses full of mysteries and puzzles

- The beautiful detective stories in the mysterious Ghost Town

- More than 30 unique characters, each with an outstanding and inimitable personality

- A lot of wicked enemies: spooks, banshees, spirits, spectres etc hounding your every step

- Colourful and well-thought-out cartoon graphics which are sure delight even the most demanding players!

- Hundreds of unusual challenges replete with truly memorable moments

- Cleaning rooms, collecting cases, solving puzzles and completing quests

- It’s all easy to play like clicker books: just point and click

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Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game