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Sports Games | Update: 2017/07/11


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FIE Swordplay is a free sports game for mobile which is officially supported by the International Fencing Federation or FIE where you compete for the top player in fencing.

Start your way in the world of fencing as a beginner, defeat strong rivals and become a champion. You will be taught by your coach and slowly move up with your skills as you compete and win prizes.

Learn the techniques and skills necessary to win the skirmishes. Earn money which you can buy gears for you and upgrades too. Apply various fighting methods staring with regular points and up to tricky feints. Win and increase your rating. Buy excellent outfit. Fight with friends.

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Features FIE Swordplay Game:

  • Officially supported by the International Fencing Federation
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics, phenomenal animation, and real fencing physics
  • Compelling PvE campaign: fight your way from novice athlete to Olympic champion
  • Asynchronous PvP mode: duel your social network friends
  • Incredibly simple, easy-to-use controls. Master several types of weapons quickly, then hone your skills
  • The world’s first mobile game with real rules and techniques from athletic fencing
  • Deep customization — fine-tune your weapons and equip your character with gear such as vests and masks

Download FIE Swordplay Game  and play at site :

FIE Swordplay Game