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Racing Games | Update: 2016/05/10


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Dr. Driving game - This is a really fun game!

Dr. Driving offers a deep driving simulator that you can play anywhere on the go. Drive below the speed limit through the crowded streets of a realistically-designed city. Take care to not collide with any other vehicles while making sure your turns are smooth and graceful.

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Features Dr. Driving game:

  • Collisions in Dr. Driving end the game. 
  • Traffic police are everywhere and ready to write tickets.
  • The graphics aren’t the best, but the game has some funny sections.
  • If you get in accidents a lot, you can go to the garage and repair your car.
  • You can also customize the position of the steering wheel, brake, and gas.

How to play:

  • Drive in either a distant third-person perspective or an immersive first-person view.
  • Rotate your finger around the on-screen wheel to steer the car.   
  • Press down on the gas pedal to accelerate your vehicle.  
  • Keep tabs on your speed by paying close attention to the speedometer.   
  • Follow your GPS prompts so you know where to go and what streets you need to turn on.

if you want to experience some leisurely driving from your favorite smartphone, then get into the driver's seat with Dr. Driving.

Dr. Driving Game