Doublemill 2 Nine men’s morris Game

Board Games | Update: 2017/08/03


Download Doublemill 2 Nine men’s morris Game Free

Nine men's morris is a classic board game that has been rendered for smartphones and tablets just like many other social games. Many of you might know the game Doublemill, one of the first Nine men's morris games for Android.

In challenge mode, you play against the computer whose skill level continues to improve progressively during the game and who has a few tricks up its sleeve. Basically, the mode corresponds to free-play mode with the difference that the difficulty increases automatically and you can always continue the game right without needing to select a difficulty level.

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Features Doublemill 2 Nine men’s morris Game:

- Enjoy a modern looking game with precise controls and fluent graphics.

- In Heads-up Mode, you can play with 2 players on the same device to find out who is best.

- Doublemill 2 has multiple game modes like the "challenge" mode. Fight through many levels against an increasingly stronger Android.

Doublemill 2 Nine men’s morris Game