Bubble Puzzle Space Game

Puzzle Games | Update: 2017/08/08


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Bubble Puzzle Space is a fun timewaster, perfect for a short break while working with your computer.

This casual game follows the line of the classic Bubbles title. You're presented with a few lines of colored balls, which you must get rid of by shooting matching balls from the bottom of the screen with your ball gun. Every time you manage you gather three or more balls of the same color, they'll disappear from the screen.

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Features Bubble Puzzle Space Game:

- More than 400 hand crafted pace puzzle levels

- Fireball – pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a Fireball

- Challenging and progressive levels!

- An accurate laser aiming will help you pop the bubbles

- Switching bubbles is free!

- Win all the levels by popping all the bubbles with limited shots!

- Bomb – 10 dropped bubbles in a single shot will earn you a Supernova Bomb Bubble.

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Bubble Puzzle Space Game